Top 9 Most Important Ways to Write High Quality Contents

There is a popular saying, “First impression is the last impression”. Your blog leaves an image impact on your reader’s eyes when they visit to your blog first time and find useful information written in a well manner. In order to make them come again to your blog and share in their community, you need to create some awesome contents that meet quality requirements.

Quality Contents:

In fact Quality contents are the main source of your blog which not only creates your blog look professional but also it helps to get high rank in Search Engines. People keep talking about quality content but few of them have described effective procedure to write quality stuff. In this post I am going to share the most effective ways that if followed can be helpful in writing high quality contents for you blog.

What is and How to Write Quality Contents?

Quality content is one of your blog posts that cover the following elements:

  • Complete information.
  • Written in Well Mannered.
  • Free of Grammatical Mistakes.
  • Follow Standard/Professional Writing Rules.
  • Clear, Concise, Concrete Complete, Coherent, Courtesy and Courteous (Follow 7Cs of Communication).
  • Written in Multiple Paragraphs.

Quality content is the content that attracts your audience in such a way that forces them to read every single word of your article/post. It should be written so everyone can find solutions of what actually they are seeking for.

Definition According to Me:

Understand the need of your readers and providing relevant information is called High Quality Content.

What Should You Understand Before Learning to Write?

Before you continue to learn how you can write quality stuff, I highly recommend you to understand your readers need and what they need from you. When you understand it clearly, you start writing high quality stuff for your readers that not only boast your traffic online but also makes you more popular.

Always keep in mind that your readers are coming to your blog to find some useful information or solutions of their confused question. It’s your blog which helps them to find the relevant information if you share accordingly. So as I said it is the most important factor that we should keep in mind.

Where to Start?

There are some useful tips that you can follow to start writing high quality stuff. I have explained the process in multiple steps so you can dig your head here to better know where you can start.

Step 1: Getting an Idea:

Would you be repeating the ideas already shared in almost everywhere? Not at all, people are tired of reading old ideas. Getting an idea is the most important factor for your blog post if you really want to write high quality contents. Old ideas don’t actually work. People are always in seek for new ideas and hence getting an interesting idea to discuss is the top most requirement and helpful to create high quality contents.

Step 2: Research and Analysis:

Mainly Focus on Your Topic:

Before writing anything for your new blog post, understand the need of your readers. Find relevant topic to discuss. Observe your coming searches queries and keywords for which your blog readers found your blog on search engines. Create a poll and ask your readers what type of conversation they need. You can also ask in your social network community like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Once you find your readers requirement, do a proper research about that particular topic on search engines, magazines, social media etc. While research you may find more useful information that you can cover in your blog post (never copy anyone). Find out and compare what your competitors did not cover in their post which you have the best in your mind. Write down the main & most important points so that your blog post covers complete information.

Step 3: Summarize Important Points:

Create a list of Your Important Points:

The very next step is to summarize all important points so you can easily decide where you can start writing about your topic. When we think about any topic, we get lots of ideas and points that we want to cover in our blog post but most of people don’t follow series of important points and hence loss the readers confidence as sometimes readers get confused what actually you are talking about in your blog post. By summarizing and giving a proper manner to your important points would be easy for you to start your topic.

Step 4: Write a Catchy Title:

Focus on Titles:

Title plays a big role in blogs. You have lots of post but readers always pick the best and which attracts them most. How to attract your readers? Aha! By writing catchy and attracting title forces your blog readers to read.

How to write Catchy Title?

Think about yourself what would you like to read if you are searching for Blogging? You would probably click on that particular post which has the title “blogging” but chances of clicking to the post “What is Blogging and How you can start your own Blog?” is higher than the above one. So, You MUST write an eye catching title if you really want to increase your readers interest and of course the quality content :D

Step 5: First Impression is Last Impression isn’t it?

Focus on First Paragraph:

You do a lot of work to find out the most relevant and important information about your topic and even you completely write and discuss everything in your blog post. But what is that, why isn’t that particular post viewed by your readers or why they don’t seriously take any interest in reading your blog post?

That’s because you might not have started your blog post with magic and catchy words that attract reader’s interest to read your post. Therefore your first paragraph should be so interesting that actually and mainly talks about your topic and readers demand.

Step 6: Free from Grammatical Errors:

Focus your Language:

Your Blog post is the assets of your blog. Therefore you must concentrate on your language that must be error free from grammatical errors. Ugly sentences and bad language would not only cause your readers leave away but also it creates a bad impression as well as decreases your ranks on search engines.

How to Check Grammar Errors?

Well it sounds good here to discuss how we can check our grammatical mistakes. The best and free tool which I normally use is Microsoft Word. It helps me to correct my spelling mistakes as well as bad sentences.

Another tool is the plugin in WordPress which I am currently using to check out my mistakes right on the editor in WordPress that is “After The Deadline“. It is the best plugin that finds grammar and spelling mistakes and suggests you corrections.

Step 7: Use Simple Words:

It is most important that you use simple language so that everyone can easily understand what actually you are talking about. Most bloggers write a massive blog post with no sense and use hard words as they think they are the most efficient writers in the world but actually they are doing wrong. Because there are mostly people who are weak in grammar or in vocabularies hence find problems. So, using simple and easy sentences engage your readers a lot and finally win your readers heart.

Step 8: Review Your Blog Post and Follow 7 c’s of Communication:

I am graduated in Commerce :) and learnt so many things while studying. There was a book of Business Writing Principles in which we were taught about writing criteria. I think it should be better here to discuss so that if these 7 principles are followed in your writing you can write high quality stuff for your readers.

These are the following:

1: Clear
Clear means your writing should be clear and easy to understand.

2: Concise:
Concise means short but brief conversation. Short and Brief sentences are good in writing.

3: Concrete:
Concrete means to stick to the main point. Concrete writing also makes your content good. Stick to the point and clearly talk about your topic makes your writing solid.

4: Complete:
Complete means having complete information. Your writing should be complete which means it should cover almost every important fact.

5: Coherent:
Coherent means logical conversation. Logical and connected conversation makes your writing better.

6: Correct:
Correct means error-free communication. Correct spelling and sentences makes your writing better.

7: Courteous:
Courteous means friendly communication. Friendly and non-aggressive writing wins your readers heart and make your blog super duper :)

Step 9: Make Sure You Have More Than 300 Words:

Article without 300 words can be helpful is it? Nobody likes incomplete information. An article with only 300 words can’t be helpful. If you are really going to make some stands in blogging, you must generate and write contents more than 300 words with complete information of your topic what you are talking about.

In The Last:

However there are more ways through which you can convert your article into quality. Above listed are the basic requirements to write quality contents for your readers.

Note: Never steal anyone’s contents. By doing this you are just wasting your time.

Don’t Be Harsh! :)

If you liked article, please share it with your social community. If you have more information about quality contents, feel free to share in comments as I like comments a lot. :)

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