Top 16 Effective Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Top 16 Effective Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Nothing is impossible and nothing is horrible. It is just we think and makes it hard. Lots of my clients ask me the tips and trick to drive more and more traffic to their newly launched Website or Blog. I simply reply them,

Be cool, Be unique, Be original and do lots of works, success will knock your door.

Driving Traffic to our Blog is bit difficult task but not impossible in the way we think it. It is one of the most important elements either for our website or Blog that we need to grow in order to make our stand.

In this post I am slightly going to share all the ways through which we can drive maximum of traffic to our newly launched Blog or Website. The best of this post is that which worth a lot is that these methods work for both either if you are Blog owner or creating a website.

Increase Traffic to Your Blog:

Increasing a blog traffic is a key factor for any blog owner who wants great stand in the market of Blogging which has become now the very professional business online. In the last post of mine about How Blogging Helps Effectively to Make Money Online in which I shared about the ways that we can follow to generate passive income online, I kept on saying in the post that all the things depend upon your traffic. The more traffic you have the more are the chances to increase your Blog earning. Lets start exploring the ways step by step to learn how to increase Blog traffic.

Note: This is not the fast tip or any trick that can boast your blog traffic but these are the ways that must be followed to increase and maintain our blog or website traffic.

Step 1: Use of Better Hosting Service:

This is the very key point that almost everybody neglects. Hosting is one of the essential elements to increase blog traffic. Worst and low up-time Hosting service not only defame your blog as it loads a bit slow, shows errors on load but also decrease your rank in Search Engine. Most of the people don’t take it seriously but I recommend hosting your blog to the top Hosting Service provider. Why I am saying to use better hosting service? Because I had experienced it before when I was using one of the bad services in the past that not only put a bad impression to my blog readers but also I lost almost everything like Search Engine ranks, popularity, etc. Because Search Engines keeps on crawling your blog and when they find service unavailability, they penalize your blog and decrease your rank. That is why I recommend Bluehost for your WordPress Blog because of its 99.9% Up-time and super fast service.

Step 2: Pick a User Friendly Domain Name & Theme Design for Your Blog:

Although there is not much necessity for a domain name to be more beautiful or easy. But still if your domain name is easy to call, easy to remember then it is the best and biggest achievement as your readers will always remember your blog after visiting first time. Also a design matters a lot in terms of getting and winning readers. A reader always comes to your blog to find some information. Your design should be simple, easy to navigate and should not mix up the elements/information with one and other. For Example: your contents should be at one side where your reader can easily read it.

Step 3: Write Quality and Unique Content:

The very first thing is to create a high quality contents that cover almost every answers to those questions for which the reader comes to your blog. Informative and unique content that should cover every need of  readers brings more followers and traffic to your blog. Now days every one tries to find out the best information on internet. When readers find something  great and unique in your blog they amazingly share your blog with their friends and refer your blog to serve and find useful information through it. Also Search Engines like Google delivers the best Blog in the result that contains almost everything that its user demands. Though creating beautiful and informative content will take your blog to the top ranking in search engines and hence will improve your traffic.

Join Social Networking Sites To Gain More Attention:

Every Second person is using Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linked and other. Join these websites;  share your blog links in your network so that everybody comes to know about your new blog.

One of my client asked how to use these all networking sites to grow traffic online? Here I have explained some basic steps that can help to understand how these sites help you to drive more and more traffic.

Step 4: Use Facebook to Grow Traffic:

Facebook has been the No.1 Social Networking website that is being used by more than 1 Billion people online. Facebook helps a lot to get traffic to your blog. What you have to do is to create a Facebook Page, Group or Build Your Friends list. After it share links of your newly posted contents in your page, group or wall. The more people see it the more people can visit to your blog. Also Facebook like button to your post as we have used so that when anybody likes your post, it will be visible to all of his friends in his news feed and hence it can boast your traffic.

Step 5: Use Google+ to Grow Traffic:

Google+ is the most amazing and effective way to increase your Blog traffic as well as your Blog post visibility in Google Search Engine. When you build your friends in Google+ and share anything, it reaches not only to all people who are in your circle but also Google+ sends an email to Gmail account of all users who are in your circle.

Step 6: Use Twitter to Grow Traffic:

Twitter is used by more than 200 million people online and has been one of the very effective way to increase your blog traffic. The very interesting thing is that when you share (tweet) anything and someone re-tweets your tweets it is delivered with all the person who followers of others. That means if you tweet anything that will be shared to your followers and when you ask someone to re-tweet your post it is then shared to all of his followers that helps to bring more traffic and more audience. The key point is to build your followers and ask your followers to re-tweet your tweets.

Pay Complete Attention to Search Engine Optimization:

In simple words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means to optimize your blog post in such a way that can help Search Engines find the most relevant information to display in search quires when someone searches related to your contents you create on your blog.

A blog is well optimized for search engines by following some methods that are required to optimize according to Search Engines requirements. There are two famous methods that are basically followed to optimize a Blog for SEO. These two methods then contain multiple steps that boast ranking in Search Engines. These are:

a: On-Page SEO
b: Off-Page SEO

a: On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO means to optimize your site content in order to get your site indexed by Search Engines. This method contains optimizing methods that are followed basically for internal pages of your blog. This method includes the most basic things that must be kept in mind. These are:

i: Title
ii: Description
iii: Keywords

There are more but these are the basic that should be considered specially for initial optimization. Let me explain a little bit about these.

Step 7: Use Some Awesome Title:

Title is one of the most important thing on your blog that attracts a reader to read what he wants. Use some awesome title to attract your readers by adding something like “How to”, “Amazing Ways”, Effective of doing”, etc. Giving a suitable title to your blog post is the essential part of your blog because Search Engines uses this to determine what is your content about.

Step 8: Use Relevant Description:

Description matters a lot as the Search Engine finds this to determine what your content is all about. We use this to tell Search Engines what content we have written on what topic. It is written under <meta> tag in HTML. But in Blogger we don’t need to define since its Google’s Product. While in WordPress We have useful plugins to setup our Blog according to Search Engines requirements that help us a lot to make our blog Search Engine Friendly.

Step 9: Focus Targeted Keywords:

Keywords are basically those words that we are focused. For Example in my this post I have a basic keyword on which I am writing all my post about which is Traffic. Traffic is my Keyword which I have used in my Title, Description and in most of the places on this post. It helps Search Engines to show my Blog when someone searches for particular Keyword “Traffic”. It helps to get a better rank on Search Engines for particular keywords. Therefore you should use your keyword in Title, Description and in post that will boast your site rank in Google and other Search Engines.

Note: These are not all about On-Page SEO, however we have more things on this methods which I will define in SEO lectures.

b: Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO means to promote your website on other places to gain more and more popularity so Search Engines finds you everywhere and rank your blog at top. The one example is Step 4 in which you can see I have described the method to promote site in social networking sites. However there are some other ways through which we can boast Search Engine ranks. When we increase our ranks in Search Engines, ultimately we get more and more traffic. Lets explore some basic ways through which we can do Off-Page SEO to get more traffic to blog. These methods are:

i: Link Exchange
ii: Comments on Popular and High Page Rank Blog
iii: Guest Posting on Popular and High Page Rank Blog
iv: Article Writing to Famous Article Directory pointing to your site

Step 10: Link Exchange:

This means to ask someone to put your Blog link to his blog or website with exchange of putting his blog or website link on your Blog. In this way the visitors flow to both blogs. Try to ask few bloggers to put your link into their blogs. Also their blogs url at your blog and gain traffic through it.

Step 11: Comments on Popular and High Page Rank Blogs:

Commenting on other blogs leaves your blog link on other blog and in return brings traffic to your blog when someone follows that link and clicks on your blog link. But don’t leave your comment to Blogs who are irrelevant to your niche and bad in quality contents with low Page Rank.

Step 12: Guest Posting on Popular and High Page Rank Blog:

Apart from blogging to only your blog, find out your related niche sites and ask blog owner to contribute free article to his blog in return with a link to that particular post pointing to your blog. This method works the most. But try to do Guest Posting to only Good traffic Blogs that can not only gain you some popularity but also brings traffic.

Step 13: Article Submission to Famous Article Directory Website Pointing to your Blog:

Same as above method you can write articles about your niche on different and famous articles directory websites which allow you to create articles for free with back-links to your blog. These Websites get lots of traffic and when readers read your article there, definitely visit your blog.

Step 14: Do Email Marketing:

Build your email list. Write some quality stuff and email to your list with your link and promote your blog by telling in email that you have written some good stuff. Ask your friends to forward your email to your friends so that you can get maximum of traffic.

Step 16: Keep Working Hard:

Getting Success in Blogging is not a piece of cake which will be served to you in plate, in fact it is you who cook and make it delicious. So, keep working hard, know your competitors and try to find out what methods they apply to get traffic, keep posting quality contents so you gain the reader’s interest and trust.

In The Last:

However these are some fast and effective ways to get as maximum traffic as you can try to fetch to your Blog. However consistency in anything results better. Because only comes to those who work for it not to those who wish for it.

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