Top 10 Tips to Start a Successful Blog Online

Top 10 Tips to Start a Successful Blog Online

Every Blogger wants to get success but only few of them know how to become successful blogger. Blogging is the real business online which is not only long term but also living resources for so many bloggers online who are successful and passionate about blogging. Creating a blog is not a big deal but making it successful is quite difficult but not yet impossible. We can make our blog super successful by doing a little bit and consistent hard work.

Start a Successful Blog:

There are thousands of bloggers who are making their living from blogging by monetizing their blogs. Every bloggers have set their own blogging style which makes their blog superb. Each blogger follows some methods which make them enable to make their blog more profitable and more visit able. After researching to an extent, I configured some most important facts through which most of popular bloggers make their blog successful and by following these steps we can easily make our blog successful too. I am sure these steps will help you to understand it more clearly about making your blog super successful. Even if you are new to blogging, this place is worth to know successful blogging tips.

Tip 1: Select a Niche:

You might have listened this word “Niche” if you are new to blogging. Niche is basically a specially focused topic on which whole blog is created. Niche is the main focusing subject of your blog on which you write so many high quality contents for your valuable readers. A blog is more attractive and more successful when created on being focused to only particular subject rather than having so many topics at one blog.

For Example:

If you make a blog on “Fish”, than you will share all of the contents related to “Fish”. But if you write about current happenings (News), Technology or anything else that does not match to your niche (Fish), you will lose your professionalism as well as audience. So, if you really want to create a superb successful blog, this is the first target and tip to set your niche and being consistent on that.

Tip 2: Choose Relevant Domain Name and Fast Web Hosting:

Most of newbie makes the biggest mistake when it comes to choosing a Domain Name for blog or Web Hosting to host blog. Domain name has significant value to make a successful blog. Domain Name according to your niche related helps visitors and readers a lot to either remember your blog so that to visit again or it also helps to get a better rank in Google Search.

For Example:

If you create a blog about “Food” and you select a domain name irrelevant to your blog niche like “”, this at once can’t make an image on reader’s eye in order to know what actually your blog is about. Rather than above, if you chose your Domain Name related to your niche (Food) like “”, “” or “”, will make better impact on your readers, search engines and of-course it will like a professional blog. As matters of Domain Name, I always prefer Namecheap or Godaddy because of being so good in providing domain names where as when it comes to Hosting, I always recommend Bluehost which is one of the best Web Hosting service providers in the world.

Tip 3: Do a Proper Research:

Before you start your blog, I suggest doing a proper research on your particular niche. Find on Google about your niche what stuff your competitors have provided and what actually they have not provided. Then present that particular information to the public which has not been yet provided, this will help you to produce unique content as well and will bring you lots of traffic. Research on your niche also helps you to understand and find out the hidden things and stuff you don’t know. This helps in increasing your knowledge as well and you can then provide that information according to your understanding and experience.

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Tip 4: User Friendly Design:

When you have bought Domain Name, Web Hosting and properly researched about your niche, then start your blog either on WordPress or Blogger. A design matters a lot as it is main focusing object on your blog. You should make your blog more flexible and more users friendly so that every single person can easily navigate to all important things you have shared.

For Example:

If your niche is “Fish”, then you should provide all your blog post links on a single page so that your readers can easily find the most important and hot discussions. Also navigation menu should cove most important pages or categories links. This helps a user to easily navigate and scroll more your blog.

Tip 5: Write Quality Contents:

Apart from above, quality contents are the main source for your blog to get success among your competitors. There are thousands of blogs who are being registered on daily basis. Most of bloggers really work hard to get success in the field of blogging and they make it possible by writing high quality contents. Quality contents make your blog look professional and help to get readers attraction. Also Google displays the most qualitative contents on its search result. So writing quality stuff actually boasts your blog traffic.

Tip 6: Engage with Social Media:

When your blog is new and you start your blog first time, it is not much popular so you have to make it. Social Media is the free and best source to promote anything. Create your profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, etc. Then start promoting your blog via these social networking platforms. This will make your blog a little bit popular among your friends. Ask your friends to re-share your post among their friends’ lists. In this way your blog link will reach too many people and will be more popular. This is struggle that we have to do when we start our blog. Later on, when we start receiving enough traffic on daily basis, our readers if like the blog, share with their friends.

Note: Also use social media buttons on your post to immediately let your readers to promote your website in their network right from your blog.


Tip 7: Build Back links as More as You Can:

Back links means to have your blog link in other blogs or community which points your blog so readers at their blog may easily come to your blog through that back link. The more back links you generate the more of your visitors grow. But remember to have back links only on high traffic websites. Most of the newbie doesn’t know how to create a back link on other blogs. Following are the methods through which we can build back links.

Guest Blog:

You can build back links by writing guest blog asking blog owner to contribute your blog post on their blog with back link of your blog on that particular post. This not only makes you popular on other community but also Blog owners appreciate this as they get a free blog post. However some blog owners charges to create post on their blog but it is good if you get maximum of traffics from their blog.

Comments on Other Blog:

Another way to build back links is to comment on other blogs. Do remember most of the blog owner including you would not like spamming. Spamming means to comments irrelevantly on blog posts just to build back links. People including you and me hate this. Instead of doing this, you can read the whole post, understand what actually blog post tells and then you can comment to appreciate blog owner to create nice and informative posts also you can ask some kind of questions to blog owner regarding that blog post. This creates a relationship between you and blog owner and then you can also ask to contribute a blog post. ;)

Articles Writing on Famous and High Traffic Articles Directory Websites/Blogs:

Another way to build more back links for free and easy is to create good articles and submit that article into famous article directory websites or blogs such as Ezine, Goarticle, Dmoz, etc. Also you are allowed to create as many articles as you want for absolutely free. You don’t need to ask for permission to write articles on these websites. But of-course your article should be unique not submitted to any other blog or article directory as it is the form of spamming and you get banned through these directories and all of your contents are deleted.

Note: For all of the above methods, please only create blog posts, articles and comments for other blogs on your related niche.

For Example: Only contribute a blog post to your related niche blogs. Write articles according to your niche and do more comments on your related niche blogs.

Tip 8: Focus on SEO:

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Make your blog Search Engines friendly. Make your navigation, posts, and pages according to Search Engines Requirements. Following are some of the methods though which we can make our blog Search Engine Friendly.

Write Catchy Title:

Try to write catching titles that not only attracts visitors but also Search Engine friendly. To make a catchy article use Google Keyword Planner or Long Tail Pro as they are the best keyword analysis tools.

Focus Keywords:

Do focus on keywords of your related. Search at Google about your niche and see what results are being delivered to you. Then focus on low competitive keywords and make a superb post on that.

Note: It’s better to focus on low competitive keywords with minimum local searches such as 1000 to 3000 instead of focusing the one having high competition with high volume of monthly local searches. When you focus on low and average monthly local searched keywords, chances are higher to get first rank on Google which depends upon you quality contents.

Create Internal Links in Your Posts:

One of the most important On-Page SEO methods is to create Internal Links. Internal Linking means to have a back link to your own blog post on a your targeted keyword such as at above paragraph you can see I left a back link to my other post which will make you to read my that post too. This helps to increase number of page views and win readership.

Tip 9: Be Consistent and Patient:

This is biggest advice more than a tip to have patient and blog consistently. Many new bloggers don’t show their patient while blogging and want result as soon as possible. They don’t update their blog time by time and don’t show consistencies which make them fail in blogging. Always remember if you want great success, you must be patient as blogging requires time and consistency of work. If you don’t update your blog on regular basis, you will your readership as well as stand in Search Engines. Therefore if you really want successful blog, you must be patient and consistent.

Tip 10: Create Passion of Blogging:

Most of new bloggers create blogs to make money online. It’s true that Blogging is the best resource online to make a passive income online. But if you are just doing it for money, this is not right thing and right place for you. You must create Passion of blogging in yourself. When you blog truly for the convenience of your readers and provide good stuff, ultimately your blog gets superb popularity and start generating a handsome by side.

In The Last:

However these are not complete tips to make a successful blog but by following the above methods we can get a good rank for our newly launched blog. I will come with more tips in future to help newbie to get a successful blog but with busy schedule I can’t promise :) I hope to meet with you again.

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