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On this post you will learn what is Blogging and how we can earn through blog.


A blog is a platform where we share information, write articles, publish them on World Wide Web. A blog contains “posts” which appears on our blog in reverse chronological order which means the latest post you do would appear in the first position of your blog.  Now it was just a short definition you can say about blog. Now the point is what blogging is.

Blogging simply means to write articles on your blog on some niche (topic) in order to share your information on blog (“website”).

Now the question comes in mind, by simply updating or sharing information, can we earn online?
The answer is yes. It is the only and legit way to make online business and to earn a passive income online.

How Blogging Helps to Earn?

We will take an example here how blogging helps us to earn. We all know that a Channel (T.V Channel) having more viewers display advertisements of companies who give their ads to the channel. Which means a channel which is mostly viewed by the general public earns good income through advertisement. Because the company advertising their product through channel, know that their ad would reach to the audience.

On the same way, on internet the same companies advertise on website or blog having more visitors, readers or viewers. So the conclusion is that through blogging we can grab more viewers or visitors to our blog and can earn through ads display on our blog through companies.

How to Start Blogging?

Now we know what is blogging and how it helps us to earn. Now the time is to learn “How to start Blogging business online”.

A blog is created on different platform. Currently there are two famous and well organized platform where we can start our blog.

1: Blogger
2: WordPress

In my next post you I will share how to setup blog and get it published online. Before that we should know that what are important things that we must have before starting a blog.

Things We Should Have to Start a Blog?

When we talk about blog or website, normal people (who are not designers or developer) think that they can not do anything as they do not know any web language through which they can start blogging or create a blog. But this is not a problem because even the person who can only understand how to write or put data, he can easily create a blog. Even now days people are well aware about facebook and its wall post. Writing on blog works the same as Facebook Wall Post does. So to start a blog you must have the following things with you.

1: Domain Name
2: Web Hosting

1: Domain Name:

It is the online identity of your website through which people can search or visit to your site.
For example, SIM is the connector that helps you to connect to your friends or family members because through your mobile number (SIM) they know your connecting address. In the same way to make your identity online you need a domain name like www.uitechblog.com www.facebook.com www.google.com

2: Web Hosting:

To make your number workable, you need a cell phone where you place your SIM card and people can contact you. Because as the Cell Phone is the connecting device for your SIM in the same Web Hosting is Web Disk on servers where you store your website. That means to keep your website data online you need a Web Hosting where you can keep your website files.

So Far:

We have learned Blogging, How we can earn through it, Domain name and Web Hosting. In the next post we will be learning how we can start and install our blog to start online blogging business.

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