How to Make Smart Income From Blog

Making a smart and passive income from blog is a very smart way of online business now days. As we have already discussed before that increasing traffic for our blog is as necessary as to have food all the day for a person. Once we have increased traffic for our blog our next target is to make some money. Following are some details as how we can earn money through ads on blog or simply how we can get ads on our blog as we were discussing in the last post.

Online Advertisements Network:

On occasion of Aptech vision 2013 which I attended on 31st August, 2013 at Marriot Hotel Karachi, people were asking about how we can get ads on our blog as we are not familiar with this. I then decided to share this information on my blog too that I should completely tell about how we can get ads on our blog.

It is pertinent to mention here there are several companies offer web masters and blogs owners to show the ads they receive from their customers or clients. In the picture above I have tried to explain it.

On the picture above you see that people gives ads to the famous ad network companies to make them display their brands advertisements. Clients and customers advertise their products on these site, these site places same ads on our blogs or websites. When these ads are displayed on our blogs/website and simply viewed by our traffic/visitors, we get paid the commission for this.

For example:

Company A is the ad network company who receive Advertisements from Company B who is selling their products ads to Company A.
Now you have a publisher account with the Company A and this company places the same ads received from Company B to your blog or website. (Why do they place ads on our blog? Because it is their service to receive ads from company B and to display it potential blogs or websites.) Now what happens, as you have a good traffic blog, you are displaying ads and when these ads are viewed by third person (visitors), Company comes to know because they have complete tracking system on ads which they publish on your blog. When these are viewed, Company A pays you commission which it takes already from Company B to promote or display their ads.

In simple Words

Company B  (Advertisers) —> Give Ads to —–> Company A (Ad Network Companies) You have account with Company A to receive and display Ads which are advertised by Company B


Company A places ads on your blog:

Company A —> Places Ads of Company B —> On your Blog

Visitors come to your blog/website and view those ads.

Company A is notified about view through their tracking system and they pay you commission for the promotion of their business. Company B already had paid for their ads, lets suppose they pay $1 for one click, when this ad is viewed by visitor from your blog, Company A who received $1 for this, pays you some % commission of it like 25% as 0.25 cents for one ad view. So in this way both Company A and Blog owners earn money from Company B.

And simply in this way you earn from ads from your blog or website.

Why Company B Advertise their Products and Give Ads to Company A for Display?

Because Company B wants to promote their business online and Company A has so many accounts of different Blogs/websites Owners. Company B knows that their ad will go to the right place therefore they give ads to company A which are ultimately displayed on your blog. Can we do the same work like advertisers company (B) give their ads directly to us? Yes of course, you may setup “Advertise” page on your blog, if Company B directly visits to your blog and interested to show ads on your blog they may contact you at the details you give to your “Advertise Page”.

What type of Ads are displayed?

On Television, we observe that ads are displayed in form of a trailer for 2 or 3 minutes or less than a minute. But on Website/blog the type of ads are banners, text links, a short movie, etc which are in  form of picture, text based or just like a T.V ad which are normally displayed side bar or where ever the advertiser needs. Below you can see some example in form of pics.

1: Leaderboard

In the same way there are more example as below as in which type and size the ads are displayed on blog.


I hope this article may help you to understand about how you can make your blog for business to make real income online or in other words we can say that these are the normal methods through which we can get ads on our site. This is not at all, in next article I will share as how many ways are here to earn from blog. There is not only way to just have account with Ad network company to make money from blog but there are other ways too which I will share in next post.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please leave your experience in comments below.

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