How to Create WordPress Blog for Free

WordPress Blog is the most efficient way to start blogging online. With the use of WordPress you are able to create a beautiful and attractive Blog where can not only grab more visitors to your blog due to its fantastic interface but also you have more features than any other blogging platform.

How to Create WordPress Blog for Free on is the main website of WordPress that provides free of cost blogging platform where you can create as many blogs as you want. It provides a free domain name on its own directory which will be like

Matt Mullenweg who is best known the founder for WordPress created this platform beautifully where anyone can start to do blogging. In this tutorial we are going to learn how we can easily create WordPress Blog for free.

Things We Need To Create a Free WordPress Blog? (With Images)

We only need an email account to create our free blog on WordPress. There are so many email service providers. I suggest creating a Gmail account what I use because of its simplicity and lots of features.

Read: How to Create Google Gmail Email Account.

Now start creating your WordPress Blog.

Step 1: Getting Started

Go to

Click on “Get Started”

Step 2: Provide Basic Information to

Now a “Get Started with WordPress” screen would appear where we have to submit necessary information as:

1: Email Address.
2: Username – (For log in purpose)
3: Password – (to Access Your Account)
4: Blog Address – (Simply Your Desired Blog Name).

Note: Here WordPress provides free blog but we can also purchase top level domain name ( right from here at cost of $18 per year which looks more good than Also it is not our property but top level domains are our property. If you want to purchase domain name, I suggest purchasing from Namecheap.

Here we have put the needed information. As I told we can purchase domain name from as well so you can chose from the navigation under “Blog Address”. Currently offers .com, .co, .me, .net and .org domains extension.

After filling out all the necessary information, click “Create Blog”. Have a look below.


Step 3: Activate Membership for Free Blogs

This is done but not at all. Here we will receive a message from that tells to check out email in order to verify our email address to get access into Now log in to your Gmail Email Account if you have used your Gmail account here or just log in to the account what you use and what you have used to create a blog on

Check the email sent from Find “Activate Blog” button to activate your free membership for your blog.


When you click on “Activate Blog” button, your membership gets verified.

Step 4: Setting up Blog

There are some more little things to setup. After verification we are redirected to setup our Blog Title, Tagline and Language selection page as below.


Step 5: Pick up a Theme

After this step, we can pick one theme for our blog as how should our blog look like. There may be some paid theme. If you want to purchase them, select it from options else go for free themes.


After you select a theme for your WordPress Blog, you get a customization setting page where you can customize your theme side bars, header, font, style, etc. Click on “Next Step”

Step 6: Connect Twitter or Facebook with Your Blog

You can add Social Networking Profiles Links. By connecting your Twitter or Facebook with you blog, your posts get published on your Twitter and Facebook Profile Wall or Page when you update any post or page on Your WordPress Blog. Add these profiles if you want by simply clicking “Connect with Twitter” or “Connect with Facebook” and follow the steps required.


Hurray! Your Blog has been Created

Here you go. Your blog is created and finally ready to start Blogging. Pick up the right option to create any topic, upload photos to your post, embed videos, quote some famous saying and share other blogs links at your blog.


Enjoy your Blog at

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