How to add (addon) multiple domains to bluehost

Bluehost provides option for addition of multiple domains and sub domains based on your hosting plan. These domains are called addon domains. You can have multiple websites with bluehost single account. This tutorial shows how to add multiple domains to bluehost.


Step 1 : Login to your cPanel

Go to Domains for domains click on Addon Domains and for Sub domain click on subdomain. Subdomain is like and primary domain is

Step 2: Create an Addon Domain

Enter domain Name  other fields are automatically filled. Click on Add Domain.

Step 3: Click on Go Back

Step 4: Your Domain is added to your bluehost hosting space

Step 5: Connecting your hosting space with Domain Name

Do link your domain name with hosting space you need to get its Name server or IP address from i.e. Bluehost login.

Login to your bluehost account or com (based on your country)

Go to Manage Orders >> List Search Orders  

Click on Domain Name

Step 6: Get Name Server Details

Click on Name server Details

Note down IP address

Step 7: Login to your domain name provider (godaddy, bluehost,, etc)

Add A record for your new domain in DNS Records. Host is or and enter IP address that we got from Step 6.

Click add record.

Wait for some time DNS server takes few minutes to hours to update it. Meanwhile you can install wordpress on your new domain. Enter the new domain name in web browser and check it opens the web page. If you have not installed wordpress or not created any website it will not show anything.

You might be confused your primary domain and the domain that you added uses same IP address. It works with same IP address. SSL certificate will not work for your other domains you have to purchase it separately or use SSL Wildcard certificate . Wildcard SSL certificate works with all your sub domains only.

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