How I Connect Dropbox to Automatically Take My WordPress Blog Backup

Backup? Yes Backup is the most important word for Bloggers and Computer users who are very careful about their important files and folders which they never want to loss. Backups are very useful in case of loss of any file or misplaced of any data. In this post I am going to share my personal experience of learning how I started taking care for my important data as I had lost almost my every single file in early days of my blogging.

Wordpess Blog Backup: Is it Necessary?

It was about 2010 when I had a blog about entertainment stuff. I was new to blogging and working on daily basis to provide entertaining stuff. In late night, I almost had enough changes in my blog and letter I slept. Other day, I tried to log in to my blog, but couldn’t as it was hacked  Ah, it was so annoying for me. I immediately contacted my host to ask for further steps and he asked me for the backup if I had but I didn’t. Anyhow it was about what problem I faced and I want you not to face the same situation because I had lost about my 3 months working. So, according to me, backup is the back bone for your WordPress Blog although how much your blog is secured. You should take backups of your WordPress Blog.

But Wait: What is Secret of Mine to take My WordPress Blogs Backups Even I am Sleeping?

Thanks to Dropbox which takes my backup even I am offline, sleeping, chilling with friends, studying or working on other projects. It has saved my time and a burden of being worried about my WordPress Blog Backup.

Why do I use Dropbox to Take My WordPress Blog Backup?

Dropbox is very interesting online service as it provides much secured platform to store your files online and access as and when needed from anywhere. But one of the amazing and interesting use of Dropbox is using it to take automatic WordPress Blog Backups. Some of the features are listed below.

  1. Provides free of cost account with 2 GB space for free.
  2. It provides one place for all your stuff, wherever you are.
  3. You can also share you files, photos and folders to your friends and anywhere you want.
  4. Once you signup using my referral link, we both get 500 MB space for free at all. (Not after getting 16GB once)

So, these are some cool reasons due to which I like and rely on Dropbox when it comes storing my important files or backup of my WordPress Blog.

How Did I Connect DropBox to WordPress to Take my Blog Backup?

Well now let’s connect your Dropbox account with your WordPress Blog to enable automatic backup. Connect Dropbox is very easy. All we have to do is to follow some very simple steps to get Dropbox connected our WordPress Blog. You must have a Dropbox account before you continue with this article. If you don’t have, please sign up first and then follow rest of the steps below.

Step 1: Install WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin:

Navigate to “Plugin” right from your WordPress Admin Dashboard, find and install ”WordPress Backup to Dropbox”Once it is installed, we just have to follow some simple steps as below.

Step 2: Authorize and Link Your DropBox Account with Your WordPress Blog:

Once the plugin is installed, authorize and link your dropbox account with your blog as below. Note: For linking up you must be logged in to Dropbox account on same browser. Navigate to “WPB2D” from left sidebar and select “Backup Settings”.When you click on “Backup Settings”, next window will be prompt asking for authorization. Click on “Authorize”After clicking on “Authorize”, it will land you to a page asking for permission to create a folder “wpb2d” to store your WordPress Blog files and folders as Backup in this folder.Clicking on “Allow” here will create a folder and your Dropbox will be successfully connected.

Step 3: Setup Your Backup Setting and Schedule it:

Once you have successfully connected to Dropbox, again navigate to “Backup Settings” from plugin options from right side bar where you can see plugin options as below.After connecting, now you will asked for continue to use the service on the same page where you were asked for authorization.Click on “Continue” and you will be sent to a page where you can manage and setup your backup schedule as to what day and time your files should be backed up and  in which folder it should be copied or what files should be copied or what should not. Everything will be setup from here as below.

Check if Your Account is Connected:

On setting page, the very first is to check if your account is connected.

Do a Little Bit Setting Here:

After it, do a little bit setting here. Put sub-folder name created under “WPB2D”. Set Day and time of your choice as on what day and time your backup should go in process and select its frequency as after how many days you need it. You can select either weekly, fortnightly, after every 4, 8 or 12 weeks. It’s all up to you. I have setup as shown in the picture below.

Exclude Files and Directories if You don’t want any:

Next you can select as to what file or folder should not be backed up. I have checked some unnecessary folders and files here.As you see above, here you can check the file or folder you wish not to be backed up to your dropbox account. Now click on “Save Changes” and you are done here.

Step 4: Start Your Backup Process:

After setting up all necessary settings under “Backup Settings” next step is to start your backup process so that it takes your backup automatically. Navigate your mouse to right side and select “Backup Monitor” from plugin setting as below.On this page you will be asked to start backup process as below. Click on “Start Backup and you are done. :)Congratulation you are done.This is all done here. Your files and folder now will automatically be backed up to your dropbox account and you don’t need to be worry about your data of your WordPress Blog. :)

Last Words:

However I use this method so shared with you guys. I hope you enjoyed it. There may be multiple ways to take backups autmatically. But among all I liked this simple and easy to take my files safe and secured online. Don’t be Harsh: If you liked this, please share it with your friends online.

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