First Idea for Book Marketing Portal


Here’s the first idea for the book marketing portal I mentioned in a previous post: a Book Blog Ring.

This will be a standalone feature separate from WBA membership for bloggers to register with — some may not want to join a community. Each week the title of a particular book will be emailed out to the members with a link to a landing page giving a description etc.

Members will then promote it on their blogs for a week, while also trying to recruit other bloggers to the Ring. They can promote it either with a sticky post (one that stays on top) or with a link in the sidebar to the publisher’s buy-me page for the book. Alternatively they can use their own Amazon, or other, affiliate link and make a little money from it. Best option.

The purpose is to give the book as much visibility  in the blogosphere as possible.

The payback is when a member has their own book to promote, whether it’s trade- or self-published. Then the whole Ring will swing behind the book bigtime with a long selling feature, lasting until the next member’s book comes along.

It will take a little while to build up a wide ring of blogs in the scheme, so when Naked Tales starts wagging for attention, we’ll have a ready-made mechanism swinging into action.

Members can also make a feature of the Ring on their blogs as a means of recruiting new members.

Remember, the harder you work at this, the bigger the machine there’ll be to promote your next book.

To get things started, I’m throwing 16 blogs into the ring — that’s Syntagma Media, which also includes WBA, of course.

I suggest we don’t flag individual members of the Ring, as we do for WBA, just a numerical indication of the number of blogs involved. That now stands at 16.

So, please throw in your blogs and we’ll get started with a few books from Humdrumming’s list as a thank you for accepting Naked Tales. I’ll announce the first one in a few days.

Email me your name, blog URL(s), and a note of how you’ll promote the books. Be as creative as you like. Send to: John (at) SyntagmaMedia (dot) com.

I’ll put up a Page at the top of this site with all these details included.

Also, any ideas YOU have, let us know in the comments, and we’ll begin building this portal together.

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