Easy WordPress 5 Minute Installation Tutorial in 3 Steps

WordPress is the well known blogging platform and has been the first choice for every top blogger in the world. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to quickly install WordPress in less than 5 minutes.

Yes You can install WordPress on your domain in less than 5 minutes using Softaculous in Cpanel. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to install wordpress with some simple clicks and then easily log in to our WordPress admin interface. There are only 3 steps required to setup your wordpress blog.

WordPress 5 Minute Installation Guide:

However, there are two ways to instal WordPress:

  1. Installing Manually via Cpanel (I always use this method)
  2. Installing using Softaculous in Cpanel (We are learning it now)

I like only these two ways. Moreover we can also install WordPress using Fantastico which has the same process as in installing via Softaculous in Cpanel. Now let us begin installation.

Step 1: Open Cpanel and Find Softaculous:

Go to your Cpanel/Web hosting account provided by your web host. Find out “Softaculous” and click on it.

Softaculous interface will be in front of you now. There are so many script available which we can chose to install however we are in need of WordPress right now :D which may be at the front screen or you can navigate the left menu to find it as captured in the image below ;)


As shown at above picture, when you hover your mouse arrow to WordPress icon it will turn over to the picture I have highlighted to next. Click on “Install” from here and fill up the form which appears. Also you can chose WordPress from left side bar which is also highlighted as you can see above.

Step 2: Click on Install and Fill up the Form:

Next step is to click “Install” button and you will see a form page where you have to put a ‘Database Name’, ‘Table prefix’, ‘Blog Name’, ‘Blog Description’, ‘User Name’, ‘Password’ and ‘Email’. These are mandatory information required for installation. See the screen shot below to catch some idea.

Here is a To Do List:

  • Select “http://www.” from drop down menu at first stage.
  • Second option is for your blog name which will be pre-selected.
  • Leave Third option which asks for Directory. Directory means there will be a folder in your main folder where installation will be processed which we actually don’t need as we need to install our WordPress directory to our main domain name. If we here write anything it will go to the directory like this. www.yourdomain.com/your-directory and your blog will be accessed only by this address which we don’t want ;)
  • Give a Database Name where our data will be stored and accessed from.
  • Table Prefix are generally unique name before our database table name to distinguish in many. wp_ is by default table prefix. Change it to your own like the one shown in image so that hackers can’t detect it easily.
  • Give a suitable title to your blog.
  • Give a short description to your WordPress blog which will be appeared in Search Engines when your site is searched.
  • Give a hard and unique user name to your WordPress blog. You can’t use here special characters but try to make it hard. Don’t make it like ‘Jhons blog’ or ‘myadminname’. It will be more easy for hackers to hack your blog. So use very hard combination of numerical and characteristic values.
  • Create a strong password using characters, special characters and numerical values to more secure your blog.
  • Give an admin email.
  • At “Select Plugins”, check the box to use the plugin suggested by Softaculous for limit login attempts. This will help your blog to be secured from hackers and temporary limits login when they try to access your admin interface by tricking user name or password.
  • Leave “Disable Update Notification” unchecked but “Auto Upgrade” checked.
  • When your blog is new, set “Auto Backup” for weekly basis and “Backup Rotation” to “1″ so it does not use your server space or however you can select from “1″ to “Unlimited”. However I take backups manually when ever I need.

Step 3: Run Install and Your Blog is Ready:

When you are done with all above steps, hit “Install” button and wait for Softaculous to install WordPress. The screen will look like below.

The installation will take about 30 seconds (depends on your internet and web hosting performance) and your blog will be installed. You will be given complete information about your fresh installation as below.


In The Last:

You see how easy is to install WordPress using Softaculous. I hope you liked this tutorial of mine. You can share it with your friends however this is not the only way to install WordPress. In next post of mine, I am going to share how we can install WordPress using Cpanel Manually which I normally use for all of my clients and for my own blog ;)

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